Cheesecake! And homemade nut butters!

ImageI had a go at a dessert! Now readers… I’m no chef… This whole experience for me is about being healthy… Happy and cruelty free! I liked meals I can make it no longer than 15mins and people would rave about the taste. So I had a true Aussie go… And gave this ‘Guilt Free Nutella Cheesecake’ a shot! You can find the recipe over at stepheusebi.Com/guilt-free-nutella-cheesecake/

I couldn’t find any hazelnut butter at the shops! So I decided to make my own! Remember I told you to buy a food processor? Go and do it now…!…. I’ll wait…. You got one? Good! Because to make a nut butter all you do is put a cup of a skinless nut of your choice into the food processor and blend until the nuts turn into liquid! Took me about 7 mins and this is the result! I’m going to start making my own nut butters from now on!